Investigation and investigation of Shi Ling Lai phoenix aluminium, vice president of CAS
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Newspaper news (correspondent Hu Quan) on the morning of May 5th, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, vice president of Wang Ling in Foshan, Deputy Secretary General of Li Changqun and Luo Yulin, deputy director of Hu Ying and Wang Changhua, and the government of Sanshui District and the Bureau of science and technology, and so on, came to the investigation and investigation of Feng. Accompanied by the head of the deputy general manager, Liu Zhiming and other companies, the chief executive visited the company's extrusion workshop, the melting and casting workshop, the surface treatment workshop, and the staff leisure square, and worked on the company's comprehensive strategic cooperation project (industrial ice slurry cooling key technology research and industrialization demonstration) at the 2009 Chinese Academy of Sciences. As well as the company's ecological environment construction has given a high degree of recognition and praise, and hope to further strengthen cooperation and exchanges with the company in scientific research projects, personnel training and so on.

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