Production equipment

Fenglu is one of the leading enterprises with most competitiveness in the industry in the aspects of production equipment, scientific strength and product system. Fenglu possesses more than 70 extrusion production lines of different tonnages (10000T, 7500T, 5500T, 4000T, etc.) imported from countries and regions such as Japan and Taiwan; the annual production capacity of single production line reaches 60,000 tons; in addition, Fenglu is capable of production horizontal oxidation production line with the longest length up to 13.5m. Fenglu also has strong mould design and manufacturing capability, and the Mould Workshop possesses advanced equipment such as large-scale gantry machining center, large-scale WEDM slow-speed, heavy-duty steam forging hammer, gantry five-axis CNC and so on, and is capable of independently developing and manufacturing 850mm super large mould.
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